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Miscellaneous Poker Info

Here you will find a small amount of additional info for those who are interested in poker software.


I want to give some tips for those who consider using poker programs. For new and intermediary players I would recommend “Prefloper”, “Poker Indicator”, “Wilson Turbo Software” or “Poker Academy”. If you decide to play poker on a larger scale you should purchase “Poker Tracker” (though this program is less helpful for no-limit and tournament players than to limit players). If you are going to analyze and improve your play you should definitely try “PokerStove”. Those thinking about a (semi)professional poker career I’d urge to buy “Wilson Turbo Software” and “S’n’G Power Tools” if you prefer tournaments. Soft like “Poker Patterns” and “Poker Luck Meter” is unnecessary, these products are more of visualization tools, and they’ll hardly help you to improve your play.


Below you can see several articles on the subject. They all concern poker programs listed here, either helping to analyze statistics or telling about principles the programs are based on.


, and you’ll see answers here.


For those who want to choose the best online poker-room to play in I can recommend to visit the “Online Poker Ratings” site. It has poker reviews and various poker tops, so you can pick a room that people consider the best.

To find more about various poker programs visit "Software" part of 2+2 forum.

I offer link exchange to other poker sites owners, so hopefully you’ll see more links here soon.